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Cotton Drifting - Rainy Day II
This is my 1st mix. Anyways, this song is interesting and powerful, especially near the end of the song.

No drum samples are used, drums are natural.

.mp3    Cotton Drifting - Rainy Day II (Mix v1).mp3 --  (Download: 12.25 MB)

Hey man, thanks for taking a shot at mixing this song. I think you have a real good balance going but I also feel like it's missing something, some sort of "oomph" or liveliness. If you're interested in revisiting your mix, maybe try using more of the room mics. I like more rough, coarse, and dense reverbs (I hope those are the terms I'm looking for!) as opposed to invisible or light reverb to give sounds, especially percussion, extra weight. But perhaps you can find something else to work instead, it just feels like something is missing. Another thing I would look at is the backing vocals, I feel like they could be brought out more to liven things up. Maybe bringing them up in level, relenting on the high cuts (it sounds like a lot of highs were cut out, but correct me if I'm wrong), adding reverb to them, or a combination of all three would help. You have a great start; I can hear everything that needs to be heard. Nothing sounds overwhelming, harsh, boomy, or whatever, it's just the feel that needs some work.

I hope my opinion is welcome and fair, and I hope to hear another version from ya'!