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Leaf - Come Around
Hi All! I mixed and mastered this song. I would be grateful if you point out my mistakes. Any feedback is welcome.

.mp3    Leaf - Come Around.mp3 --  (Download: 9.35 MB)

By the way, it sounds good! Space, saturation. But perhaps all this is too soft and the general reverb on the BUS creates excessive noise. It would be nice to make the refrains brighter than the verses. And this strange treatment on the lead guitar ... It adds a grotesque that you don't expect at all in this song. I look at the mix from the point of view of the person who just posted his version. But still, your “soft concept” sounds nice, there is no unnecessary aggression, and I like it. In my mix, the refrains are more aggressive. But I originally laid down a different sound design.
My version: