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#35 Back From The Start - Swampy and Crappy
I tried to go for a more laid down groove, with a swampy or "arachnid” ambience, if that makes any sense.

I may have the EP too loud, but it's the part I found most interesting. Eager to know your thoughts, as always!

.mp3    35 - Fergessen - Back From The Start (Deliza Mix).mp3 --  (Download: 6.15 MB)

Hey Deliza

I really like the drum sound, kinda dry and punchy, gets the head noddin .. Nice!

Vocals sound great, Very nice arrangement, I like the swampy take on itBig Grin
EP might be a tad to loud, pokes out at lower volume.

Very Cool!!

Gear:-Zoom R24 interface, controller - Cubase/Reaper - Assorted Waves, Airwindows suite, AKG K240 Cans, Event TR5 reference monitors.
Head noddin indeed, but in a cool, detached, French way! Thanks for the comment K, it's true the EP could use some more care.
Hi Deliza:

I liked your mix as it created this small almost claustrophobic feeling from a tight space. Drums are pounding good, snare a tad boxy but nothing that a 400 Hz cut cant fix or a bit more brightness with a HF shelf. Balances are fine except the EP as mentioned by another user. My main comment for you will be to try to get the song to build up more emotion by the end, as the arrangement progresses there is not too much going on and you will notice it gets repetitive after the 1:40 min. I will try with some automation or maybe some weird panning to catch attention to certain things you like, lets say some guitar lick. I hope this helps. Thank you for submitting the mix and allow me to put my humble 5 cents of advise. Take care