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First mix on this amazing website, I'd appreciate some feedback
Hi everyone,

I have just discovered this fantastic website so I'm new here. My name is Louis, I'm 24 and from France, thanks for accepting me here. I am an intern in a studio in my city so as an aspiring engineer I would really love some feedback and critics. So here is my first mix ! I am not satisfied with every aspect of it so don't hesitate to be really critical with me I am very ok with that !

I loved the song, it made think of this : . Amazing song by british band Mojave 3 ( coutry lovers, check their albums they are incredible ). The arrangements in this track are really close to Dead Roses so I used it as a reference track for my mix. I wanted to keep a very natural sound, like if we were listening to the band in the studio.

Thanks for listening

.mp3    Andrew Cole_DEADROSES_MASTER_V1.mp3 --  (Download: 5.46 MB)

Hi Louis from France.

Had a quick listen to your mix.
Here’s what I picked up on my first listening of your mix. Since you are doing an internship at a studio in your city. I will briefly highlight a couple of areas'

A good foundation you laid in the mix. A bit of creativity you did at the end of the song towards the outro with a single throw delay. Nice little touch.

1. Tempo
You would have noticed that the song starts off slow then speeds up and then settles into a somewhat even tempo. Louis, get this right or close to make listening an enjoyable experience. It can be very off putting even though everything else can sound great. Get the tempo and drums working with the song and your 50% there. I admit this was hard as the tempo and drums in this tracking was a shocker. Whoever put these stems together needs their head red. (By the way have look at the song on YouTube. They added other instruments retracked the drums. Changed the electric bass with an upright bass. Added additional instruments like Pedal Steel and Dobro name a few. Also, The BV singer is another girl.(Kathleen Edwards) Check it out).

Louis, pick a tempo and stick with it. I notice no one tempted to do this it was either being too lazy or it was too hard. As a mix engineer you will come across these issues from time to time. Post production. Get it right before mixing session starts. You will become better for it. there is a lot more I can say. However, for this post I will leave it there and move on

2. EFX
I felt that your mix was to wet with reverb. If you are going to use reverbs Etc. Keep it within the tempo and feel of the song. It was a bit a wash. It was blurring the instrument separation. My suggestion here pulls it back and shorten the reverb tail or add a bit of pre-delay within the reverb.

3. Drums

See my reply to your post in my thread. So, won’t get into it too much here.
But one thing I will highlight. LOOSE THE 4 ON THE FLOOR KIK DRUM. It's causing flaming problems. Just do a simple Kik then Snare. It will sound much better.

4. Vox
I felt your vocals sound good.The whole balancing wasn’t too bad maybe lift the drums about 2 Db
I wish you all the best in your career Louis
Take Care
The mix feels good. There is a lot of overall reverb but it kinda works though I'd pull it back a bit myself. It does get a little washy but adds some excitement. You could work on finding a happy medium. The mix has good dynamics which is important on a song like this. My biggest complain is the snare. It's fairly 'boxy'. There's some string sliding noise on the bass that gets distracting. I thing the other singer could come up more to a lead position in her sections.

Overall it feels good.

Personally, I think tempo changes are natural and unless the band specifically requests editing then I'd assume they're fine with it. I don't think most people adjusted the tempo because it feels fine as is. The band sticks together throughout.

Hope that helps.
I only have earbuds to listen and mix with at the moment. Take everything I say with a grain of salt.
Mix the song, not the tracks (<-pithy)