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Dead Roses Mix Never too late to put in a mix
Hi All.
7 years later since this Song was released on this site. Only came across it about a week ago after a mate of mine suggested that I have a look. Especially this song " Dead Roses by Andrew Cole”. A great song. Nice shuffle feel.
For not so many tracks (once you take out the Vox mics and scratch tracks) it was challenging trying to tame the Vox as they are dynamically out of control. But the worst part was the tempo. Starting at about 104Bpm then ramping to 111Bpm then finally settling down to nearly a consistent 108Bpm Approx.
The drums needed work as the brushes had a nasty boing in the lower to mid-range. Any way Still has a bit of pushing and pulling tempo wise through the song. But hey, that’s what challenges are for.
Anyway, have a listen. Thoughts and comments are welcome.

.mp3    Dead Roses GL Mix 3B.mp3 --  (Download: 8.92 MB)


I've just listen to your mix and I'm interested in your snare treatment. How did you treat that snare ? I find it very consistent and steady in your mix and I found difficulties in MY mix to keep it that way. I think your mix is very well balanced, good job but maybe a little to boomy frequencywise. Love your snare treatment as I said but the drum sound kind of artificial with all this reverb. Maybe you could have removed some of the highs in the verbs. I love how you treat Andrew's voice, great sound but when the girl ( don't know her name sorry ) comes in she really takes over Andrew and I feel like he is the lead singer here. But great job !
Hi Louis,
Thanks for your reply and critique.
I will start by agreeing with you on the boomy side of things after listening again after two
weeks. Yes, your right about the boomy this is in the low mids region about the 180-300Hz. It does need to be scaled back about 2-3 Db.

Now your other points are 2-fold
The Female vocalist is Chantel Upshaw (,
I deliberately put her in front for her vocal section as you rightly observed she does step up to the microphone and takes the lead for about 6 bars. I wanted her to shine. before slipping back into Bv mode. By the way I only used one mic out of the four for Andrew and one only for Chantel.

2. Drums
The reverb you are hearing is a Room reverb at about 1 sec tail followed up with UAD Ocean Waves Reverb on a send and return from the overhead only.

Now to your first question concerning the brushes. (I really believe the drums were not tracked well)

I mix in Pro Tools 12.82 has clip gain as do other DAW's and I adjust the clip gain if things get to out of control. The benefit here is minimising compression which can bring the noise floor up including that nasty ring that I notice everyone else is having trouble with.
I found the ring to be around 240Hz as well as around 500Hz. I used Parallel compression and dynamic Eq and Comp. I mostly used the OH mic (only one mic) as the main and then blended the two. If you listen hard enough the ring is still there slightly.

The tempo Elastic Audio to even out the tempo changes.
Finally, slight automation on the Vox. That’s it

Louis, There is a few more things I did but I’m trying to keep this post short.

I hope this helps.Untill Next Time
It's a funny thing when revisiting an old mix. I did this 6 months ago... Not bad. The criticism I have of my mix was too much compression. The dynamics are a bit squashed.
Feel free to comment if you agree.