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The Last Stand by FidelJackson
Here is my Mix for this really nice funky song.

As a Bari Sax player my self I really enjoy this powerful instrument so I put it in the middle !

I didn't succeed in bringing back the HiHat from the OHs track with this really loud snare (in the youtube video you can clearly hear it), I tried with some heavy compression but it was really detrimental to the whole snare sound I felt. I would appreciate advice on that.

This is my first mix on this forum, I look forward to listening to your mixes Smile

Have a great day/evening/night !

.mp3    The Last Stand_2.mp3 --  (Download: 8.53 MB)

Good job.
Looks like I wanted to hear it! We find the same inspirations in my version Wink
super smooth mix, good job