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RicardoSantiago_DreamNo12_ X 2 versions
A little tweaking, boosting and cleaning.
Also 2 versions one with as was intended by author,

and the version I like without the birds and background noise.

.mp3    RicardoSantiago_DreamNo12_Full.mp3 --  (Download: 7.62 MB)

.mp3    RicardoSantiago_DreamNo12_nobirds.mp3 --  (Download: 7.62 MB)

Hey Darshan,

Could you please explain what you have done or what you were trying to do in this song. About your vision for this track. Please disambiguate it.

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ok, What I wanted to do was remove the idea that you were sitting on a beach, but instead give the feel of just plain day dreaming wherever you are at a given time. that and I thought the waves crashing in and the sounds of the birds made it hard to focus on the music and was just plain annoying (at least to me; others may not share my opinion hence the 2 versions).

Other than that. EQ levels adjusted to make some of the instruments and vocals more pronounced and tried to remove as much white noise as I could, although I kept the "Vibes" track at a lower level because I thought that it should be treated like an instrument rather than a voice and therefore not overpower everything else.

As I said in a previous post. I am learning so feedback of any sort (within reason) is good. But ye I suppose I did take a little bit of artistic licence with this one.
I hear that you side-chained the kick? it's always a cool trick, I think I also did it on the original mix but very subtly. I'm not sure how I feel about it tho, I don't think that heavy side-chaining fits the song since it's a mellow song but who knows, maybe people will now rave to it or something haha.
Anyways, keep working on it, I think the levels need some work. Try monitoring in mono and listening at low volumes.
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Thanks and I see what you mean about the level work, I also got some of the labels mixed up so apologies for that. Anyway, I tinkered a bit and here's what I came up with.

.mp3    RicardoSantiago_DreamNo12_nobirds.mp3 --  (Download: 7.62 MB)

Hi @darshan. it is a little too much side chain compression for my taste but I like that you are putting your own artistic spin on the mix.