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Hannes Keseberg "You Know Better" Mix Submission
Here's my submission for the contest, hopefully Im submitting it properly, and thank you to everyone involved in making this happen.

Edit: I had to reupload a new version just after 12 because the edit i uploaded after the original cut off the first snare/cymbal crash, idk if this ok, i just didnt want to leave the updated version without the full beginning

.mp3    HK_Project_m01_r14_Print.mp3 --  (Download: 8.38 MB)

Hi Noneya Bidnes -- love that slapback treatment on the lead vocal! Very much in keeping with the general vibe, I think. Some more thoughts:
  • The biggest thing that hits me is that the overall tonality feels very heavy on the 200Hz region, giving the whole mix a rather congested and boxy quality. It's not a simple question of master EQ, though, because it seems primarily to be an interaction between the lead vocal and the bass, so I'd concentrate on tackling things on those channels.
  • Nice variety between the different effects treatments, and it sounds like there might also be some kind of automation going on into the choruses and Reintro/Outro, which may be part of the reason you seem to be getting a good sense of long-term dynamics. (That said, some kind of differentiation between the first pair of verses might improve things further in that respect, as well as a touch more of the mob vocals during the Outro.)
  • The lead vocal balancing is overall pretty strong, but your mix translation is still struggling on account of the raw vocal recording's tonal variations -- not least because of the 200Hz bias in the vocal tonality overall, given that it's the low-frequency range of the vocal tone that is particularly troublesome in this respect.
  • Although the bass has great small-speaker translation, it feels a touch lightweight in the sub-80Hz region, especially once the 200Hz emphasis is removed.

Hope some of that feedback is useful -- and thanks for letting us all hear your version!