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You Know Better stevejm mix
Thanks for listening...

.mp3    You Know Better stevejm mix.mp3 --  (Download: 6.9 MB)

Hi stevejm -- nice natural timbres here, with tasteful balancing and stereo imaging, and well-judged effects treatments. Some specific suggestions:
  • The mix tonality could do with a little less 130Hz, and more sub-80Hz energy, especially from the bass guitar, which support the harmonic progressions of the music more strongly in this respect, given the singer-soungwriter aspect of this music.
  • The kick drum is out-gunning your snare in the balance. This isn't a problem most of the time, where they play together, but robs the groove of drive during the Reintro and Outro sections, and undermines the impact of the snare during some of the important drum fills.
  • In general, I wonder whether the kick and snare are underbalanced in relation to the rhythm guitar and piano. It's not that it makes the groove drag (as this kind of balance does in many other mix versions here), but more that it feels like the mix as a whole lacks power and punch.
  • I like the tone of the lead vocal in a general sense, but the balancing could do with more detailed attention, both in terms of level automation, and in terms of evening out some of the tonal variation within the raw vocal recording itself. Hannes is the star, so it's vital to maximise the transmission of his lyrics and performance details.
  • Although I like that you've respected the multitracks as provided, I think you could also engage a little more assertively (especially within a competitive situation such as this) with some of the arrangement concerns of the production as it stands: the similarity of the Verse 1 and Verse 2 textures, for instance, or the relegation of so much new instrumental material to the Outro section.

Hope some of this is useful -- thanks for getting involved!