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Eddie Garrido - Africa - GilaMonst3r Mix
Great tune that changes flavor in the middle. The vocal seemed to be the biggest challenge on this one. Please take a listen and let me know what you think.


.mp3    Africa-GilaMonst3r Mix.mp3 --  (Download: 11.12 MB)

sounds very good! maybe take the djembe (or whatever it was called) drum a bit down? maybe the section cowbells and stuff could sound a bit more punchy, like the drum loop driven parts. still, sounds very chorerent and good. ^_^
Hi GM3 i like your mix but a couple of things that i think could be improved 1st is the vocal you are right about it being the biggest challenge,i think its one of those you either have in the back ground or upfront dry,you seem to of added a chorus (i think) of some sort that makes it sound to strange,2nd that lead synth gets over powering maybe automation and multiband compression?imo, apart from that its very good.
Reaper user
Thanks for the feedback! I tried a few things with the vox track but I ended up pitch correcting with reatune and adding a bit of delay which probably just made it worse. I think you're right, just leaving it dry and pushing it forward or backward is a better option.