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Flames - Great song really like this one

Went for a A Perfect Circle vibe

Decided to Nuke the drums as they are so well done and arranged (the star of the show).

on the DI's put Dominator (default) and on Bass DI Bias Amp 2 my preset in tonecloud "The Bass is the Star' and removed the amp one so DI Bias amp and DI for Bass

Got rid of the one hit Tom 3 it was too pokey out

.mp3    Flames.mp3 --  (Download: 12.81 MB)

Phwoarrr, powerful! I definitely hear the Percect Circle influence. Reminds me of the heavier parts on their first album.

Love the pushed, roomy drum sound. The kick has that nice squelchy attack.

The band has a nice balance EQ wise, but I feel like the drums and vocal (vocal in particular) poke out just a little too much. It sounds great on headphones but if you listen on small speakers, laptop ect., it's just a bit disconnected.

Using A Perfect Circle as an example, if you listen to "The Outsider" or "Judith" on your laptop or phone or something, it's a very similar sound to your mix, but the band and the vocalist sound like a bit more of a unit.

Things to try are maybe pulling back some nasal frequencies on the vocal, adding some wetness, automation.

That's the only thing for me though, otherwise it's a great sound. You were right, I like this mix haha. Nice dynamics through the verse and bridge, chorus kicks in great. Good job!

Thanks Pasta - really like your version with the reverb would have copied that.

I really cranked up the Parallel Compression on the drums I just loved the drum arrangement - it is faultless.