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Hannes Monked with a fresh arrangement
Spot the changes, win a prize Big Grin

.m4a    Hannes MonKeD s46.m4a --  (Download: 9.53 MB)

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Just a few ideas that I had upon listening to your mix:

- A couple things appear to be missing such as some of the higher frequencies in your mix. Also missing is a chunk of lyrics, and I don't think anything interesting has been added to that section instead.

- The effects on the vocals during the second verse are creative but they make me think of psychedelic rock or darker alternative songs.

- I can appreciate the time and effort you must have spent doing deep cuts and edits to the arrangement, and I really like some of the ideas here! I think that overall your mix could benefit by adding more of your creative ideas to the song sections and instruments you have been building.

Hope something here is helpful!

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