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Heartbeats by Juliet's Rescue - robmix
Really great tune, I love her voice!
Here's my mix, any feedback appreciated!

.mp3    Juliet\'s Rescue - \'Heartbeats\' - mixed by Rob Ursino.mp3 --  (Download: 9.94 MB)

Very cool mix. I love what you did with the vocals, very creative, especially that initial stutter edit! Mix is pretty clean and clear. Only things I noticed was that the snare was getting a little lost during the chorus sections, and the backing vocals were a little low.
Really liked the stutter effect on the vocal at the end of the 1st verse. However, the vocal was starting to get really lost in the mix in the 2nd verse. Maybe just turn it up a touch, or add a touch more brightness to help it cut through...?

There also seemed to be a bit of woolliness in the EDM sections, and scooping out 1 dB at around 300 hz, and a broad boost of even just 0.5 dB at around 4 kHz, helped clean things up. It also had the effect of making the vocals clearer.

The vocals sound great in the rock sections, cutting through the mix nicely. But the snare seems to have been hammered a bit too much, and needs more "snap". Too short an attack time on the compressor, maybe? Or some help with a transient designer to try to restore some of the sizzle, maybe?

The backing vocals are almost inaudible in "falling" section, which is a shame since they are a really nice part.

I really dug the effect you added to lead into the bridge - what was it?
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