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Hannes Keseberg--MIx.-
Hi, here's my mix. Check it and let me know what you think please.


.mp3    You know better-Mix.mp3 --  (Download: 8.51 MB)

Nice mix. I really like the delay on the vocals. You have also given the track a kind of a live feel which I think sounds really cool.

A few things that stood out to me which I think could be improved on:
- In my opinion (this is mainly down to taste though) the reverb on the vocals (and I think it's been added to the drums?) is a bit too loud.
- It sounds as if Mic 3 on the guitar is a bit too loud. You can hear the strings quite a bit.
- The Lead guitar sounds very much like a DI guitar. If you have put an amp emulator on it, I'd maybe whack the gain up a little bit.

Nice work though! Keep it up!
Hi Yermany! Nice slapback on the lead vocal -- like that a lot! Some other thoughts:
  • The sense of reverb/ambience in the mix (particularly on the drums, rhythm guitar, and lead vocal) feels very narrow and 'corridor-ish', which undermines the sense of mainstream production values, where stereo spread tends to be quite widescreen on the whole.
  • You could do with more sub-80Hz energy in the mix as a whole and less 150Hz. Is there a bit too much 2.5kHz too? It feels a touch brittle.
  • The mob vocals are almost inaudible during the Outro, which loses some of the opportunity for opening out that section and making more of a feel-good ending. In a similar vein, the Mid-section and Outro could afford to have more Hammond organ to thicken the texture at those high-energy moments.
  • The kick feels very lightweight compared with the bass and snare, such that the groove doesn't have as much power as I reckon it should.
  • The effects seem to remain pretty static throughout the arrangement, and could do with more dynamic changes to support the arrangement changes. Also, the guitar solo during the Reintro seems to me to be crying out for some kind of delay -- it feels very stark at the moment.
  • You could improve the vocal balancing here. I particularly noticed the level ducking and diving in Chorus 2, for instance. Dynamics processing may be part of the solution, but automation is where the real bonus points lie there.
  • There's not really much to sustain the interest through Verse 2, given that its arrangement feels identical to Verse 1.

Hope some of that's helpful. Thanks for sharing your mix with us all!
Thank you very much to both of you for taking the time to listen to my mix. It is very useful to read your opinions. I really appreciate it.

Thamks again