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Kangoro: 'Animal' - Crownoise mix
Hi all!

I had so much fun mixing this. I ran in some problems....AGAIN omg owell. So my first 2 hours of mixing was in vain so got 2 about 5 hours total mixing and mastering...but yea i think i got back to the same results again sort of, only thing i can hear now after my ears have been beaten is that the crash is a bit 2 loud in right channel. Hope you dig it!

.mp3    Animal!.mp3 --  (Download: 7.19 MB)

The ideas work well BUT. what are you listening on . the tonal balance is weak in the lower frequencies thus all the hard work fails to assert itself , headphones are always far from ideal.Few people have an acoustically treated mixing environment (me included) but. when anyone mixes using earbuds or similar the result is usually characteristic and seldom begins to do justice. To convey talent via such a circumstance is a remarkable achievement in and of itself.