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Ricardo Santiago: 'Dream No. 12' (critiques plz)
Hey guys,

this is my mix of this quite interesting tune. I tried to create a sense of space with the acoustic instruments being placed in a room giving the sense of reality while the ambient instruments with spring and plate verbs providing the dreamy vibe. As they were a lot of tracks, the lower-mids became pretty congested. The Ukuleles in particular had a lot of unpleasant frequencies there, which really clouded things up.

Let me know what you think!

V2 Up now!


.mp3    RicardoSantiago_DreamNo12_v1.mp3 --  (Download: 7.56 MB)

.mp3    RicardoSantiago_DreamNo12_v2.mp3 --  (Download: 7.58 MB)

I like the Uke sound, nicely cleaned up and with a real sense of 3D space. I also like the snaps off to the side. As I mentioned under my mix, I prefer a subtle kick or no kick at all on a track like this, but your kick works well. I might prefer more upper mids and highs on an upright bass, string and finger sounds, etc. and a little less low end in general. Nothing done "wrong" just how my ear is reacting.

I really like the reverb treatment of the vocal, dreamy indeed. I went for a more up close intimate vocal feel but now I feel like trying your approach. Also, removing the first electric guitar lick works and is something for everyone to consider, that could really affect the approach from that point on.

Good job with the Mellotron, I always find Mellotron tracks to be unruly and kind of a pain to mix, but yours sits great in the mix.
In this mix I feel like I'm right in the middle of the song. I love that.
Also, I like how the main focus of the song is the uke, the kick, and the vocals, and everything else is like a bit of seasoning.
Yes! The low-mids do get congested with some many full sounding tracks, my final mix still had quite a bit mud down there. Your mix has no mud, just warmth.
The nasty frequencies on the uke were from my room, I've treated it ever since. You got the ukes sounding great.
It is very interesting to hear what everyone is doing with the outro. What you decided to be the focus is completely different from my take, and I love it. That has a lot of room to be creative, mixing wise.

Sweet mix!
Ricardo Santiago
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Thanks slowpogo and ricsanram for the feedback.

I just uploaded the revised and final version of the mix.
I tried to emphasise the transition from real world into dreamland (as I will call it here) even more by some filter,volume and side channel automation.
The panning of electric and uke 2 was changed so the vibes have a better interplay with the guitar licks. Filtered the lead synth a bit more so it would not be to distracting. Also minor work on the lead vocals.

Please let me know if I improved or made it worse... xD


P.S.: @ricsanram Thanks for providing such a nice track for this library Smile
LukasL Great mix! I took a similar approach but even went a bit further with the dreamy/floating feel. I like everything about your mix, the Uke's sound really nice, excellent!
Hey LukasL,

Really loved your mix it was really awesome, and it helped me in gaining some extremely useful insights. Your sonic decisions were also great. Only one thing according to me is not up to the mark i.e. shakers, but of course, no one is going to only listen to shakers throughout the mix. Else everything is fine. I also notice that you have made good use of string instruments.

Well Done.
Keep up the good work.
If you get some time then also had some look on my mix (I know that they are not as good as yoursBig Grin.)
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