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Mix by Zbat (unmastered)

Cool song, had fun mixing it, very tight musicians and a cool chord progression!

I found the snare a tiny bit thin, the top sounded like the head was tightened to the absolute max but it might be a Travis Barker thing, I used some Blink 182 mixes as a reference also. I used a sample with more bottom end a bit behind and compressed to compensate.

I used the drums room to get some balls by adding some distortion, removing the very high not to get the cymbals too bright but it just adds a bit of a live and raw feeling (I'm always scared when something is too perfect) and I also sent kick and snare on a distorted / compressed bus to get some punch.

The guitar tone was awesome, I just EQed a bit to remove some very low end and leave room for the bass, a bit of compression, panned hard right and left with one guitar brighter than the other.

Had fun panning the back vocals. I went a bit crazy and manually corrected the pitch (I hope it's not too obvious) and then even though I realised it sounded robotic just did not change it back. Whatever, I do what I want...

I duped the bass track used the original one (was it a DI?) for the low end and used an ampeg simulation to get some attack on top of it, it thinned out a bit the bass but it seemed to work (kinda).

A tiny bit of reverb with pre-delay on guitar drums, vocals, a bit of distortion on the lead, more on the backvocals.

That's the main stuff on top of my mind, a tiny bit of automation but nothing crazy.

Fun fact, I spent half an hour going absolutely mental as the mix felt too dull and contained trying to pan more, add reverb, add space however I could, before realising I was listening in mono.

I'd love to hear some feedback please!

Thanks a lot,

.mp3    Dry Clean Only.mp3 --  (Download: 2.71 MB)