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Mix by Zbat

Liked the vibe of the song and the voice, there's a bit of the Runaways in there which is a mega plus in my book Big Grin

I had some distortion to the voice, drums and bass to get more grit into the mix, I feel like the snare could have been hit harder, same with the bass which was played a bit softly so had to push the gain a bit so it's not too flat.

Please let me know what you think, I'd love to have some feedback!

I feel like I have played it a bit safe on this mix and could have pushed it more toward the dirty / overdriven side, not sure. It's hard to get more excitement without sounding too messy.

Thanks a lot,

.mp3    Get Out Of Bed.mp3 --  (Download: 3.3 MB)

good mix of the instruments however that bass sounds really harsh between 400-600hz and the low end info is completely lost. Other than that, cool concept
Hey Neonacity,

Thanks a lot for the feedback, it's very appreciated Big Grin

Now that I am listening to the mix a couple of days later, it sounds so bright!

Yeah I agree for the bass, it was a struggle because I feel like the signal was to low, either not enough gain when recording and / or the bassist could have hit the notes harder, so I used a guitar overdrive pedal to get a more aggressive sound. I did not want to change too much the original intention of the song but I think some EQ will to smooth out the bass would be cool. I was thinking also of duplicating the bass to have a very saturated one for the attack and another with more low end or a bass synth to get the bottom end. I had Death From Above 1979's first album in my mind while mixing the bass as the verses are drums + bass + vocals only.

Thanks a lot again!