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Piece of me
Piece of me by Dark Ride (updated)

Did not listen to this song before mixing.

Another great song had a few moments with the vocal balancing - got it sorted eventually with automation.

Now more Evergrey than Evergrey!

.mp3    Piece of me - updated.mp3 --  (Download: 12.39 MB)

Hey, thank you for your mix. There are some nice ideas in this mix but the guitar sound just doesn't fit this song at all. It's way too bright, fizzy and overly distorted for this kind of music/genre. I can't even hear some of the faster legato melodies on the rhythm guitars Smile It's a sound I would probably only choose for industrial metal or something that wants to sound different and brutal.

Also, this song has a lot of different colors that you need to get right as a mixer, from very heavy to very soft, very loud to very quiet. That's why I always listen to the reference songs a band provides, just to get the feeling and the mood right.

But I´m not a pro, so, by all means, don't take my words too serious. I can only provide the sort of feedback you would get from a client, and in this case I would probably tell you to listen to our rough mix and just enhance it here and there, make it "larger than life", but keep the overall mood and feeling. For me, the guitar sound is very important (no wonder, I´m a guitar player), but also getting the right balance between the hard and the soft parts.