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YouKnowBetter-Ziwei Mix
:脸红:Hello everyone, I just registered CambridgeMT. In fact, this is the fourth project I mixed. I am looking forward to your criticism.

Mixing this song is a wonderful treat, thanks to all the artists who have worked hard for these exciting multitracks!

I respect the intention of the producer and the recording engineer so much that I try not to destroy the original structure of the song.

This version has just been modified because the previous version performed well in the monitor speakers, but the Bass sound is too loud in Bose, JBL and other civilian playback devices.

In order to emphasize the sense of conflict before the settlement, Bass' pitch was raised by an octave at 3:03-3:10,but no any pitch changes were made to other instrument.

I am very sorry if the above text has grammar error.

The best wishes come from Shanghai^_^

macOS High Sierra10.13.6
Avid ProTools|2018Ultimate
【the Plug-in used】
Avid EQ3 7Band
McDSP F202
Melodyne 4 Studio
Altiverb 7 Regular
Fabfilter Pro-Q2
Fabfilter Pro-DS
Waves GTR Amp
Overloud Dopamine
BBE Sonic Maximizer
UAD Lexicon 480L
UAD LA-2A Gray
UAD 1176AE
UAD Tube-Tech CL1B
UAD API 550A/560
UAD Maag EQ4
UAD Ampeg B15N
UAD SSL E Channel Strip
UAD Shadow Hills

.mp3    YouKnowBetter-Hannes Keseberg-Final-ZiweiLiu Mix.mp3 --  (Download: 8.4 MB)

Did you change the tempo? It seems to drag.

Sounds are good and creative. Edits are somewhat abrupt. Would like to hear more kick and snare as your mix loses drive in its absence. It is an interesting approach and well engineered.
PreSonus Studio One DAW
[email protected]
Hi hcld001! Although you officially missed the deadline for mix critiques, I actually finished up a little ahead of schedule so I've still been able to sort out some feedback for you before the submission deadline:
  • You kick and snare both feel very low in level compared with the hi-hat and side-stick. That loses you a lot of rhythmic momentum, especially in the Choruses, Reintro, Outro, and the various drum fills. The snare is very mono-incompatible too, which is rarely a good idea for mainstream styles.
  • Overall the low end of the mix could afford to have more sub-80Hz energy, comparing it with the references. The 2-4Hz range is also rather prominent, which makes it a fatiguing listen at higher playback volumes.
  • Your solo guitar timbres are very thin and piercing, and distract from the vocal.
  • That drop to the whistle before Chorus 1 is very dramatic and really demanded my attention, which is great from a mainstream production perspective. However, the way you return the other sounds to the mix afterwards feels a little messy, somehow, and less effective.
  • The vocal's low frequencies are still rather inconsistent (eg. at the start of Verse 3), and the singer could also probably do with a little de-essing, especially with such a bright high-hat in the mix.
  • The ride-cymbal stick noise is quite abrasive during the Mid-section.
  • The bass guitar could use more midrange energy to allow its important melodic and rhythmic contributions to translate better onto small speakers.

Hope that helps, and thanks for getting involved!