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Hannes Keseberg: 'You Know Better'
(16-01-2019, 01:38 PM)Mike Senior Wrote: Hi mick2015! I generally like the clarity and openness of this mix, and the lead vocal's nicely upfront too, which is all good. A few specific things:
  • The kick drum is dominating over the bass at the low end, which means that the harmonic content of the music isn't well supported at the low end, which is maybe not good for a singer-songwriter like this. Furthermore, the bass plays a big role in the momentum of the track, and in the arrival of the Outro, so those don't deliver quite as effectively with such a kick-heavy low-end balance.
  • The kick also dominates over the snare, but the Reintro's groove doesn't really work very well without a reasonably strong backbeat. The outro also suffers a bit here, although it's mitigated by the addition of the backbeat claps.
  • The vocals are clear and have a nice subtle widening effect, but the low end could do with more control below about 200Hz. Listen to "...thing really swell" at 1:04, for instance, which suddenly booms out more than the surrounding lyrics.
  • In the outro, the mob vocals could be brought up, I think.
  • Both lead electric guitars feel like they could do with more dynamic control: some notes leap out unduly (eg. Intro), while others get lost, making the melodic lines less apparent (eg. Verse 2).
  • In general the effects are pretty tasteful, but also fairly static, which wastes some potential for emphasising the long-term mix dynamics -- eg. Verse 1 doesn't seem much different from Chorus 3 in this respect. Plus the lead vocal in the Outro feels like it could really do with a bit more expansive delay/reverb -- it is the climax of the song, after all! Smile

Hope some of that is helpful -- and thanks for letting us here another strong alternative vision!

Hi Mike,

Thank's so much for taking the time to provide feedback on my mix. This is all very constructive and has provided some genuine food for thought. I will likely revisit the mix and experiment with your suggestions. Thanks again, really appreciate it!

Updated mix just added, thanks to all for the feedback. Cheers, Mick