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You Know Better - ccjamz mix
Here is my initial crack at this. Feedback always welcome. Cheers!

.mp3    You Know Better - ccjamz mix.mp3 --  (Download: 8.48 MB)

Very nice. Good re-amp of the bass with a bit of an edge. Nice environment on the guitars too. Something is going on with the low mid on the lead vocal at times which I think could be cleaned up. Cymbals could come back a bit. Good bounce. Over-all a great take.
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Hi ccjamz -- a decent balance of the instruments you've got going on here in general! A few things I wondered about, though:
  • the hi-hat and cymbals seem to dominate the mix a little, appearing too upfront and adding a touch of harshness on occasion.
  • The overall tonality is very bass-light compared with the references. You've also got more 4-6kHz than the library preview mix, which arguably has too much energy there already!
  • There's too much audible reverb, especially on the drums. Make it shorter and duller, and bring it down in level. At the moment, it sounds a bit like it's recorded in a gymnasium, whereas the reference material and rough mix are all quite upfront.
  • I like the little vocal delay tail following the middle section -- tickles the ear nicely! Smile
  • The snare fill into Chorus 2 doesn't work for me -- it seems to interrupt the groove too much. The one into Chorus 1 is also a little awkward for the same reason.
  • The outro could do with a bit more of the mob vocals. As it stands the solo singer and whistler sound slightly stranded, and could do with more 'moral support' in terms of creating a party vibe.
  • I like the way you've fitted the Hammond here: there's width and presence, but it doesn't swamp the mix or mask the lead vocal too much.

Thanks for posting!