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The Lonely Wild - Scar
I'm pretty happy with this, any comments appreciated.

I tried to maintain the feel of a live performance, which meany pretty light automation and compression. I found I could get the guitars to a nice place pretty quickly, but the "keys" were more challenging. They took more creative use of eq and transient plugins to sit ok in the mix.

I used tape plugins on the instrument bus channels -- helped tame the "peakiness" that was present in pretty much all of the instruments.

I kind of settled on the vocals being more natural sounding -- the mix seemed to work well with everything else having a bit more polish, and the vocals being comparatively "unprocessed" sounding. Contrast is contrast, I guess, the vocals seem to have their own place in the mix.

I used the demo of the newly released SPL Iron plugin (from Plugin Alliance) on the mix bus and lead vocal. This is my first experience with it, but it seems like quite a nice plugin.

.m4a    The Lonely Wild - Scar.m4a --  (Download: 8.73 MB)

One more round of fine adjustments and I'm calling it a wrap. Mostly tiny changes, but decided to automate the master bus within a range of 1.5dB or so to emphasize macro dynamics.

.m4a    The Lonely Wild - Scar2.0.m4a --  (Download: 8.73 MB)