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HannesKeseberg Mix
Hi everybody,

attached my attempt. :-)

.mp3    cambridge III.mp3 --  (Download: 4.21 MB)

Hi Jardim Asli -- some lovely work with detailed delays here! Very appropriate to the style. A few specific thoughts on the mix:
  • Overall the mix tonality feels rather muffled, on account of too much 200Hz. I'd probably cut 4-6dB there to start with, and probably a little cut around 2.5kHz too. The mix feels like it could be brighter overall too.
  • Your kick and sidestick/snare are really getting lost, and I think that's probably not a good idea given the clear Reggae/Dub influence here. Also, because the rhythm guitar off-beats are comparatively much louder, that makes the rhythm seem a bit bogged down, rather than rolling freely along as it should.
  • When the snare arrives, its tone is very dull, which seems like a bit of a waste. After all, the change to snare from sidestick is an important arrangement variable here, and the dull snare tone makes that harder to appreciate.
  • The lead vocal's low end is rather uncontrolled, so it's making it rather unreliable in terms of its position in the mix balance.
  • In addition to the overall mix-tonality issue, there is generally a little bit of a battle going on at the low end and in the low mids, and I'd look to be a bit more controlled and/or sparing with these frequencies on several parts: the bass guitar could have less 100Hz; the lead vocal could have more controlled 200Hz; and the Hammond and Verse 3 solo guitar feel too full below 300Hz. Clearly the mix needs some of this energy to have warmth, but there's too much of a build-up there at the moment.
  • Are the whistles a bit overbearing in the Outro? They seem to pop out to the front rather too much, which makes the rest of the ensemble feel smaller somehow. It'd try to control their dynamics a little more and tuck them into the balance at a slightly lower level -- especially if you're going to pan them that wide, which will inherently tend to dislocate them more from the mix for headphone listeners.

Hope some of those pointers are useful -- thanks for getting involved!
Thank you Mike!
I really like the dub delays going on. They're subtle but add some ear-candy.