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You Know Better - Ale Lak Mix (Patron Member) - TEST MIXES - UNOFFICIAL for contest
(15-01-2019, 11:58 AM)Mike Senior Wrote: A super-bold vision, this! I like! Smile In terms of more specific feedback, here are some ideas:
  • Love the modulated wah guitar-sound too. Genuinely ear-catching, yet doesn't feel too out of place stylistically.
  • I like most of the arrangement moves, but the transition into Chorus 2 falls flat. I think it's moving the cymbal onto the downbeat that makes it feel too stiff. The middle-section seems to be lacking a little midrange 'filling' as well -- sounds a touch hollow, somehow.
  • The snare/stick sounds too thin by comparison with the thunderous kick. This robs the fills of some dramatic impact. In general the kit feels quite dislocated, with the added samples (eg. the tom at 2:14) seeming too much like artificial add-ons.
  • There's a bit of 'bloat' building up between the kick and bass at the low end. Differentiating them a bit more tonally would clarify both the beat and the bass melody.
  • The Pre-Intro noise is unwise in the competition situation. Just feels like an inappropriate first impression to make.
  • I think the piano part is currently something of a hostage to fortune. I totally see the point of it in terms of adding realism and extra interest to that part, but it's drawing too much attention to itself, especially during the first two verses. It's something the band didn't do themselves, yet it frequently distracts from things they did, so it's a pretty risky move.

Hope that helps -- love hearing genuinely arresting new visions like this!

Hi Mike, I have been travelling last week and just know could read your feedback. Well, I guess you said everything. That's totally right and I was paying attention right in thoase points...kick is relly sounding too wide, probably is too much level in the room, and I also didn't find a right kick to use, I guess in this case it's a DW Collector Series or a Pearl Reference. I am in doubt which kind of kick should I use because the bass has very low frequencies, I don't want a too much fat kick or a thin one. And recuse my self to make some kind of side chain compression because must have a better solution for it and more natural...let's what I do.
I will follow your hind and simplify the piano...probably the fact I had put just a few producer hands I don't think anyway the band will approve least your comment "love hearing genuinely arresting new visions like this!" just make me happy because I don't have mind of just a enginner, I also like to produce and show my point of view. Even my mix has chances to classified as not suitable, I keep thinking that it's project that could be a little bit of more care. Sounds boring when you listen the good vocals and cool guitar riffs...for me it's a matter to add few arrangements to complete a song which keep the same chords for long time, not saying it's a problem, but in my vision 2 compass playing the same chord, the same strum, the drums almost do nothink....and I thought funny when opened the files and no found two drum toms tracks. One of they doesn't any single hit, and the second...just one. Never had edit so fast tom tracks lol!
More one time thanks for all the words!
Best Regards
Ale Lak