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Get Out Of Bed! Mix
This song really resonates with me....I've spent many years getting yelled at to get out of bed. Pretty straight forward mix. I experimented with a delay on the drums.....wasn't sure if the lead guitar solo should be louder or not....let me know what ya'll think please

.mp3    getoutofbedmaster.mp3 --  (Download: 6.51 MB)

Good idea moving the guitars to make room for the vocal, nice move.
And you're right, the lead guitar is a tad on the loud side at the start, maybe automate the first part to knock it down a bit then bring it back up?
Other then that slight thing, it sounds like any song you would hear on a CD or radio.
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Thanks Cranky Emu! I need to automate more often....I think that's exactly what that part needs.