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Hannes Keseberg: 'You Know Better'
Hey Dave

Cool mix, nice balance .. sounded great in the cans. I agree with others as far as arrangement, but its only a few tweaks away.
Great Job!!
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Hey Dave - Happy New Year to you too!

Well you've certainly cemented your reputation as the intro mash up king. Very cool and honestly, inspiring. I'm gonna have to come up with something "un peu plus dangereux" methinks.

Very enjoyable mix to listen to. No real comments to make from a technical/artistic point of view. I think you mentioned that you weren't overly digging the rhythm guitar vibe/ timbre. Perhaps rolling off the top end with eq or tape compression or a darker tone distortion would help it sit sonically more to your liking.

Good luck!


Be fierce in your encouragement, kind in your criticism and try and remember that the art of a good critique is not to make someone else's mix sound like yours...but to help the mixer realize their own vision.
Good very good everythings are focus on themselve
bit to narrow image no much dimension.
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Hey Dave how's it going!

I think things are sounding good .Here are a few thoughts. The intro flows nice, but there is something with that GT sound in the verse that feels out of place. If you listen from 1.11 at 1.18 the sound changes
I'm not sure if it’s a not clued in with the other parts or a phase thing. The congas and Timbale seems at times to be A little loud and might need a little time adjusting or taken out eg. 1.46.
The bass feels like its playing more dynamically than everything else and maybe needs a little more out front or a little more sub lol maybe mines to out front though. I like what you did with taken it out some in the 3rd verse.

Overall the instruments balance and tone are very good and the intro works.

Great work and good luck in the contest