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Get Out of Bed
Struggled a little with this one in terms of getting it to sound the way I heard it in my head.
I'd love some feedback on this, I've listened to it a few too many times and lost all objectivity lol.
Cheers lads.

.mp3    Get Out of Bed Mixed.mp3 --  (Download: 5.19 MB)

That snare is friggin insane (to be honest, I hope it is a sample... just out of envy) and floor tom has great definition while mine is just a messy sticky glob.
After the break, around 2:00, the scope gets as wide and full as it can and yet I can still hear the organ, that's amazing!

Only caveat is, before 2:00 I feel there are some little balance issues (like drums might be too loud for the 1:50 "Eh!" break and snare might sound a little detached in the intro and first verse). Twin guitars might be wider, perhaps. It seems as if there's some weird phase movement at the beginning and they might be putting too much mid-range energy over the center of the stereo, it could be because of that seemingly mono light reverb, I don't think so? Whatever, in my book this is pretty much a radio ready mix, excelsior!
Cool mix! It sounds pretty killer overall.

You went for a "everything fighting with everything else" vibe at the end of the song, which works quite well for the vibe of the song... It's pretty hard to pick on anything here, as most things seem to be down to personal taste. Nice work!
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pretty smashed ,makes it all sound a bit messy for me
This is my first formal mixed track_(:з」∠)_

.mp3    Get out of bed.mp3 --  (Download: 6.58 MB)