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Living in the city - first attempt at a "live" mix
Hello everyone !
It's my first attempt at mixing a track with so much bleeding in the mics, i've never used a gate before ( n00bie ! Big Grin ), but i think it turned out quite well (i think, i'm not very confident in my mix as i'm a beginner )

I tried to cut the vocal tracks to clean them up but i'm not sure this was the best approach on that mix, if you have any advice or comments that would be greatly appreciated Smile the cymbals kick in very strong on the backing vocals :-(

Thank you for listening and for your comments ! Smile

Edit :
new version, after helpful critique Smile

.mp3    Hurray - MAST 1.mp3 --  (Download: 4.82 MB)

.mp3    Hurray for the Riffraff - Living in the City- MAST2.mp3 --  (Download: 4.82 MB)

I've not tried mixing this yet but I'm hoping to find some time tonight. I've never used a gate before either!

I like the balance and stereo position of the guitars, organ and vocals. I think the drums are lacking some punch, espeically the snare. They seems to get lost a little in the in the chorus.
Hey Sanbiki,

I feel you have assebled the tracks provided nicely. The panning is nice and you captured a cohesive sounds. But because the recordings themselfes are not the best I think you could tweak some things:

Overall the mix is a bit muddy or full. Probably lots of low-mid clutter.

The lead vocals sounded very clear to my surprise, although a bit to harsh at times and sit too loud in the mix. The consonants come out pretty aggressively. Maybe try some opto-style compression.

I noticed obvious cut points on the vocals. Maybe crossfade longer and dont kill the noise entirely but reduce it in volume. That way it will sound smoother. In my mix I completly scrapped the BGVs. Way too much bleed to provide anything useful.

The drums are a bit lacking. The snare tone is very nice (better then my results) but the drums dissappear. The cymbals have some ugly frequencies in the mid and top end.

hope you find that helpful!

Thank you both of you for the feedback !

I reviewed my mix and tried to fix most of the things.

Quote:The snare tone is very nice (better then my results)
I tried to keep the 'live' feeling and not edit the snare too much, so there is just a slight eq on both takes, both at approximately the same level and para-comp.
I think the taste of it comes mostly from the OH, but the phase is not right.
Actually i discovered it by using a low cut on the OH and it made the snare sound instantly louder. Rookie error, my bad !
I send also a bit of OH in the snare para-comp to get some of the snare high end, but it turns out it sens a lot of cymbals too so i reviewed the eq a bit (but honestly, i fell like i overcomplicated the process)

Thank you again for your time, if you want me to review some work of yours, feel free to leave a link in your reply Smile
Oh and for the clear vocals : i have a low cut @185Hz (24dB/o) and cut also a lot around 500Hz and a bit (a 'bit' of -6db i guess) near 1k and slighltly less around 2k.
I used only one reverb track for the whole song with a rather bright setting. (Acon Digital ReverbSolo, very simple and usefull (and free) )
The second version is great.
Very cleaned-up and balanced. Sounds "simple" (in a good way).
The vocal in the last section is misaligned (after 2:56). It comes in a tad to late.

My new mix:

Lukas Angel
Nice job overall. The drums sound a bit muffled, perhaps. Lead vocal sounds good, although wouldn't do any harm to clean up the plosives and 's' sounds a bit. The big issue for me though, is the bass guitar - it's almost completely inaudible (I had to listen again on headphones just to make sure!), which kind of makes the whole thing fall apart a bit.