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It's My Right - Cico Mix
Here is my mix.
Feel free to give any kind of feedback, thanks!! Blush

.mp3    It\'s My Right.mp3 --  (Download: 9.79 MB)

Hi Cico, HPY!

I like everything you did with the guitars, dig those wah touches and they never looked overcooked to me. The floor tom at the end of the solo sounds great too.

Overall, mix sounds "constipated" if that's a word. Like there's a big jam in the low-mid freqs that slows down the tune. Bass could be, could be not. Kick definitely is (kinda "shapeless", out of the mix and out of control in 2:18) and voice pretty much the same, could use some air around and some more mids EQ that would let it cut through with less volume. And then you could compensate with more and brightier OH's to make things more airy and jumpy (reference any track from RHCP's "Blood Sugar Sex Magik", especially "Suck My Kiss"). I know not everyone is a OH's lover but they do help glue things with sparse arrangements like this, while too much kick tends to do the opposite.