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Living In The City - Cico Mix
Here is my mix.
Feel free to give any kind of feedback, thanks!!

.mp3    Livin in the City.mp3 --  (Download: 7.99 MB)

First, I cannot see one thing that's bad on it's own in this mix:

Drums have a natural and nice balance/feel (kickdrum maybe a little too boomy and everything feeling a little less tight thru the ride parts, making the snare lose some bite but still convincing),

Bass and guitars sound good if only a little muffled,

Good, simple vocal with no more treatment than necessary... everything sounds good on its own, but global balance is not really working for me. Guitars are just too quiet, making the tune feel too "nice" and tidy. Bass could use some midrange growl too though that's less of an issue. It makes me think as if you temporally dimmed those guitars to make sure drums sounded good and then forgot to restore them before printing the mix. Maybe you're a drummer...

A gentle push on the bass, a determinate strong one on the guitars and maybe a very subtle step back for the kickdrum and this should be a much more satisfying mix. Suerte!
Hi Deliza,
i appreciate your opinion.
Yes you have right with the guitars. My goal is to make quick 1-2 hours mix and I made this mistake with the guitars, same as on You Know Better-Mix :-)
I have to take more care in the future