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Living In The City - gloukin mix
Went for the vintage feel, hope you like it. Comments welcome.

.mp3    Livin in the City.mp3 --  (Download: 8.01 MB)

.mp3    Livin in the City v2.mp3 --  (Download: 8.01 MB)

This is really good, it captures that sense of streetwise joy and cerveza going against the bitter lyrics! I just love it when a mix makes me airplay drums! But trolls are gonna troll, so:

That snare sounds really good, but might end up being too dominant and a little "out" compared with the spatial sense of the rest of the drumkit, if that makes sense. Some substractive EQ around the 400-800hZ's maybe? Not very specific, I know, I'm not the most frequencies table savvy!

Vocal is dry, even with that slapback delay (maybe the predelay time should be shorter, it sounds more like an noticeable effect than a sculpturing processing) and loud, like it was 10 meters in front of the band. I'm listening on closed headphones and that tends to squeeze the parts together, so that vocal could feel even more "out there" on speakers or open headphones. It could take a good step back and still command the tune nicely.

And lastly, though they are pretty different mixes, I think of something I also saw in javierpg84's mix...

...personally I would pan rhythm guitar and ride the same, since those are simple parts and that would help breathing the lead guitar so it could be a little louder and have some more presence (while conversely softening the strumming guitar a little bit), specially for the solo. You could reverse the stereo of the drumkit, or swap the guitars panning, whatever suits better.

Notwithstanding all that nitpick, this a solid mix, cheers!

Thank you for the feedback, Deliza.
Updated the mix based on your suggestions:
1. Swapped guitars panning.
2. Added a touch of vocal reverb and dropped it by 1db.
3. Dropped the snare slightly.

Let me know if this works better.
Whatever you did, I think it sounds more album-like. The gentler snare is just where it should be and vocal has more of a stage presence, though delay return could use some LC (this is top level nitpicking).

Do you like it better with the guitars swapped? I find that the solo works better and the last choruses have even more of that riot feeling (riot us good, btw), but it's you who must like it.

Yes, I fully agree with you on the guitars, it does sound a lot better swapped.
The sounds really good. Honestly nothing really bothers me. It's a live recording so some of those weakness come through but you did a fine job with it.
(12-12-2018, 02:40 AM)RoyMatthews Wrote: The sounds really good. Honestly nothing really bothers me. It's a live recording so some of those weakness come through but you did a fine job with it.
Thank you! Appreciate the feedback!
The first version was perfect honestly, nice vibe and feel. Maybe best mix I've ever heard on this site. Only thing maybe that part where she yells out early in the song (0:59) kind of sounded weird. I still gave you 5 stars.
The second one sounds like more a not-so-vintage mainstream thing, also good. Most everyone would be happy if they could get this mix, but don't be afraid to take it further than they can take it. For me its a little too safe, I imagine it would be great for record execs and musicians over your shoulder though. The first one had the fat snare, quieter overheads, soaring voice, clarity I personally enjoy.
If I were you just trust your initial instincts, they are really soulful and that translates to a great listening experience.
Thanks, mixogen. Appreciate the feedback.
I still haven't got the space to mix and work on this during my daily train commute using bluetooth earbuds. I know them well but its far from an ideal environment and so any feedback is important for me to make sure things sound right and sit well in the mix. As you say, I believe both mixes have their place but the first one is more raw and emotional and second one a bit more polished.

Glad you enjoyed it.
Sounds good.
For me 1. version sounds better.