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Crazy For Me please give feedback
Would really love some feedback on this. This was mixed on some Vic Firth headphones. I still want to do another mix on my HS8's but I'm not at my studio enough other than to actually record clients.

Anyways, I'm on the fence with the vocal. I feel like I want to boost that 7kHz frequency 2 more db to give it a little more power and slide the fader up just a hair. The 7kHz frequency is already boosted by 2 db. It also seems this vocal may have been EQ'd slightly on the way in.

The original mix, the bass was half a db louder but I cut it down in the master. Should the bass stay where it's at or should I bring it back up to half a db again?

I gave the song a listen on some bluetooth Taotronics and the overall mix sounded good to me but the bass seemed a little round.

I will do another mix on my HS8's and post here and see the difference.

.mp3    Crazy For Me MASTER.mp3 --  (Download: 4.4 MB)