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BackFromTheStart_Fergessen_mix by Tommy

O.K., as others had mentioned in their mixes, they felt the song needed some oomph. Well, I played "producer" and added a Hammond organ low bass note backdrop to the whole song and thinned out the bass a lot when it came in because it was so melodic and it really worked out nicely. I also used a kick sample and low tom sample. The rest of the mix is using my plugins to the best of my ability to get the vocals and Jembe (and the other instruments) to work together. I did not make this mix with a lot of "high end." I think the eq balance is good. Yes, the low end is kind of thick but I really feel it gave the song the oomph it needed. In my monitors it kicks butt. :-) headphones too. :-)


.mp3    BackFromTheStart_5M.mp3 --  (Download: 6.05 MB) - Tommy Marcinek