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Ae Mere Humsafar First Pass
OK, not quite the first pass, but the first passable pass, if you will. First couple of MP3 exports had some EQ and compression issues -- Boomy, weird midrange resonance, and over-compressed vocals. I really wanted to keep the breathy quality of the vocals.

.mp3    ae3.mp3 --  (Download: 6.79 MB)

There's still a low-mid "whaaaah" quality I need to get rid of, at the very least.

Vocal still sounds over compressed. The balance of the music to the vocal also sounds to me like a singer singing through a mic with the music playing in the back of the recording. I would recommend soloing the vocal with what you have as the foundation. and get it right. then add other groups in as support. I love the sound of your bass. I would balance vocals with that. then bring in the other groups.
Thanks, I've been meaning to go back to this one, but a few things got in the way. I may take a fresh start on it as when I go back to something I usually find I've done several things I can't justify.

I have yet to finish my mix of this, not far off though.

A few things that really stand out in this song: (not your mix)
  • The lead vocals are very sharp and harsh
  • There are a lot of clocking errors (clicks) in it
  • Large number of sibilance issues
  • The breathy sounds are overwhelming, and make the track sound compressed.
Have no idea what mic was used to record the vocals, but I feel it wasn't well suited to the singers voice.

Your mix is not that bad, it is the vocal that kills it (which is not your fault).
The vocal needs an awful lot of automation to clean it up. My automation lane has nearly 500 automation points (pre-fx) on the vocal track.
At this point I have a rough mix, vocals sorted (for now), the next task is to start on automating all the instruments, returns and buses.

One thing I really liked with your mix is you did not drown it in reverb and try to cover up the problems with the vocal, you worked on the mix instead. It is not an easy song to mix due to several factors.
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