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Angelsaint - Voelund
Have you mixed everything on this site? Almost every time I post something and then go and listen to others' mixes - I find you there! That's pretty cool, you must have a huge body of work under your belt.
I really like your vision on this one, and it's a good, balanced mix (I listened to the second mix mainly). I agree with Mike that the bass is nice up front, and I don't find it to usurp any space it shouldn't, even when you put it up front.
My favorites: Great use of the Sound Effects! They fit just in the right space, and I find them clanging and dragging around inside my head without really 'noticing' them -- great stuff! Also really nice drum sound: Very clean with some depth and punch. Really nice use of the background singers too! (though I felt that they were hiding in a cave on their first entrance - everywhere else they wore the reverb well)
I do feel that you had a little more room for angst, and a little bump in the choruses (which you already did a bit) could tear it loose a bit (but maybe that's because I went off the deep end with this one and embraced the despair and anger).
This was a really good listen!
Just heard it on laptop's speakers, but i remember i listened to your mix on real speakers some time ago.
Had good impression then, and listening now still gives me beautiful emotions and atmosphere. And it keeps being interesting from start to end!

I also like the song much, the one thing i don't like much about it - not about your mix, about song's arrangement - is the bass track.
It just seems to me that it makes lose some harmony in the song, like going in another direction. Maybe it's just me, never read anyone saying that. Even tried to make a mix with completely different sounding bass point of view, but that changed the overall song completely too (obviously).

Again, in my humble opinion, wonderful mix, bravo!

Appreciate your words gentlemen. Thank you.
I agree the bas isnt anthing near an ordinary 3 chord thing. I think the wild chord and bas arrangement fits the mood of the song just fine.
Thank you for droppin by
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