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Crazy for MIX!
Hey all,

This is my first time ever trying to mix a pop song. I did this with a lot of the bare essentials and native cubase plugins and altiverb. Couldn't really get a lot of it quite where I wanted...especially the voice. But i would love some feedback. Hope you enjoy it.


.mp3    Crazy for Me Mix v3.mp3 --  (Download: 3.7 MB)

Your mix is quite nice. The vocal is not as bad as you thought. It's just happened to share living quarter with too many things at once. (1) I noticed a lot of low-mid frequencies in your instruments. The guitar in the beginning, for example, has a little too much of the low mid roughly 100Hz-600Hz. (I hi-passed it all the way up to 300Hz to clear things out a little). If you noticed, along with the guitar, there is also an organ, the Hammond playing at the same time and occupy the same region in the frequency spectrum, lot of low-mid fighting for position and attention. (I also hi-passed it all the way to, good lord, 800Hz. I just wanted the near top end of the Hammond. My mix seems to sound a little cleaner after those moves. You can try it out for yourself). (2) Your Hammond is a little loud relative to the guitar. Perhaps you want to balance them out to let the strumming guitar shine a little. (3) I like your snare a lot, tight and meaty. (4) Your kick is faintly present. I think you should give it a little more volume to provide the tightness of the bottom end. Right now your bass is doing all the work. It has the bass end but it lacks the tightness front end of the beater of the kick. I bet if you bring it up your bottom end will sound awesome. And pay close attention to the 100Hz, cutting it out on some of the instruments makes my mix a lot more tolerable Smile. Have fun mixing!
Hey SonicTramp,

I haven't been back to the forum in a while and didn't see your reply. Thank you! I appreciate your thoroughness. Listening back to it now- months later-I see I was worried about the wrong things. Your observation about the midrange is definitely true. I should have tried to help the guitar and hammond work together in their EQ settings. And my god is that a wimpy kick! I'm gonna have to pull up this project again and take a look.