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Maybe - My Mix
I am a Full Sail University student looking to improve my skills. Smile
Be sure to leave feedback! (Don't hold back)

EDIT 1/4/19: I have done a few revisions to issues that have been bothering me. Check out the new mix!

.mp3    Maybe (Nick\'s Mix).mp3 --  (Download: 12.15 MB)

.mp3    Maybe r1 (NJI Mix) final.mp3 --  (Download: 12.1 MB)

Very good mix. I like the kick, weighty and cuts thru like a boss. Well done. The distorted gtrs bring in a lot of lo-mid making it a little hard to enjoy, perhaps it's also the reason for the gtrs not crunchy enough, the lo-mid has a tendency to soften an audio signal instead of sharpen it. In some parts of this song, the crunchiness, of picking on the root notes of a metal song from an electric gtr, is more important. It makes the whole section...crunchy. Head-banging inducing. The vocal is really nice tho a little much on the 2-4K range. I like the delay you gave it, but cut it in and out would make it more interesting and less predictable instead of leaving it there thru-out the parts. I'd take a closer look at the bottom end of your mix. There is a certain degree of subby bass, maybe, coming from your bass+distorted gtrs+the tail end of your kick. It makes your mix a little opaque (for the lack of words). Other than that, I think your mix is ass-kicking worthy to listen to multiple times. Cheers!

* I am working on mine. And yeah, still trying to carve out whatever I can carve out to make the mix rocking. Right now it's a mess, but I'll sort it out soon enough. When I have a mix worthy of displaying, I hope you'll come and give me some of your whipping, er, I meant comments Smile. Thanks
I really appreciate that! I'll be sure to look out for your mix if I see it