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Bosnian Rainbow Mixed By Gabsound
That's my mixing of
Bosnian Rainbow "Morning Sickness"

any suggestion for improvement is appreciated

I Used for mixing :
Apple G5
Pro Tools 10
MOTU 24 I/O and MOTU 2408
Mixing on Mackie 32•8

Avalon 737sp
DBX 162
UREI La4 Black and Silver

Plug ins:
Waves Izotop Relab.

Genelec 1030
Yamaha NS10

.mp3    Bosnian Rainbow Mixed By GabSound.mp3 --  (Download: 6.54 MB)

It's sounding really good. The one thing that could use improvement, in my opinion, is the bass; there's a big bump around 100Hz that is making the notes very uneven, and it is generally overpowering.

The guitar could do with coming up in places too, some cool parts get lost.

Other than that it's great! Kept the live vibe and didn't kill it. Makes my drums sound too scooped and squashed in comparison.
thank you, I will make gold of your suggestions.