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Alright : Triviul McGinleys Mix
First attempt at this style love the song hope its in the ball park

.mp3    ITS ALRIGHT TRIVUL MCGINLEY MIX.mp3 --  (Download: 3.33 MB)

Hi there.
  • The guitar in the verses is way too loud, it’s totally overpowering the vocals.
  • The vocals are generally a little unclear which is probably a combination of “they’re not loud enough,” “the bass is too loud,” and “there’s too much reverb on them.”
Keep it up!
Most mixes done in Reaper or Bitwig on a MacBook Pro using Sony MDR-7506 headphones and some hifi system with old Saba speakers in a small-ish untreated room. If I commented on your mix, please check the board for my mix and reciprocate. :) Thank you!