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Back From The Start

I wanna thank Fergessen for the parts. I love the recordings and their singing and this is just a great fun track, and they seem like great people (much love from me). I basically just put everything through some distortion and it was a quick process and im quiet happy with it anyways.


.mp3    Fergessen - Back From The Start (PrincessCakeJ Mix).mp3 --  (Download: 5.97 MB)

No Thoughts?

I thought i did quiet good on this one Sad Probably could add some more 10kHz+
Nice sounding mix the percussion shaker sounds a little too upfront Big Grin !

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A very nice clear clean mix.
I enjoyed the listen.


(03-10-2013, 09:01 PM)TChianit Wrote: A very nice clear clean mix.
I enjoyed the listen.



hihi thx Big Grin
Hello !

I agree with you about the lack of high end... could be much more "open" in the highs, but same with low end too. It's a very "dirty" mix (understand me, dirty doesnt mean bad at all !), i like the "old 70"s feeling you put through it !
I had the chance to "work" with them and i'm very happy to have furnished the tracks to Mike for you all to mix them !

Have an ear at mine if you want !

Cheers ! Good job, i really like the "old fashionned way" you mixed it. especialy the string reverb ... very nice !