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Fergessen: 'Nos Palpitants'
difficult mix here for me!

I started it a few days ago and then I had a break for a couple of days so I could get back to it with a different attitude.

I had the impression that there was something extremely bad in the mix and I couldn't figure out what it was. I've been changing a few things but I'm not sure about the result.

Is it ok for you? Huh

.mp3    Fergessen - Nos Palpitants.mp3 --  (Download: 7.62 MB)

mixing since April 2013
Sounds nice Big Grin !

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Good to know that it sounds nice to you, Don!! I wasn't really sure that it was ok after the changes I applied!

thank you once again!!!
mixing since April 2013
creo que la reverb de las voces te ensucian un poco la mezcla ese final grave de reverb no me gusta mucho y de la mitad al final del tema esta como todo muy comprimido y al palo.
proba de bajar todo entre 6db y 8db y arranca de nuevo con otra reverb y se te va a aclarar en panorama.

un abrazo

Descansa unos días de esta mezcla y proba de nuevo, asi aclaras todo, trata de hacerlo sonar mas descansado