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Amalgamize - AZ mix
Okay, here's my attempt at this one. Kind of surprised more people haven't attempted this mix. Poses challenges but it's not bad once you start to get a handle on it.

The most difficult part of this mix for me was trying to figure out what ambiance to create for it. Nothing seemed to quite fit and there were several different directions you can go here. For me, in a way, this almost sounds like the sort of tune you'd hear over the intro for a space sci-fi film where there's action going on but not really any dialogue, just random background noise, perhaps even a battle. You know the sort... music starts, fade in, a few opening credits, then everything kinda goes to hell and here comes the title. Lots of ways to approach that.

Part of the difficulty with this is als the fact that virtually every track is a stereo track and are wet with effects. Most don't sound right if you sum them to mono. So that means that the stereo field is all but set for you up front. I tried to create some variation with effects and imager plugins but think someone with more experience would have been able to get a better result.

Anyway, let me know what you think. Suggestions are always welcome.

.mp3    Amalgamize-mix-ltd.mp3 --  (Download: 16.57 MB)

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