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my mix 'Hey Delilah'
Just discovered this site, also just got actual mix monitors and a new computer (i7-8700k) about a week ago. Finally having the capabilities to do a proper mix, I decided to give this a go. Have to say I'm really proud of it for a 'first effort' (I've done lots of much smaller mixes of my own creation, but never 20+ tracks of someone else's material). any constructive criticism is welcome.

.mp3    Hey Delilah - Final Mix.mp3 --  (Download: 13.48 MB)

How’s it going slow? Glad to see you’ve found the site. I usually would listen in my monitors to give a critique, but I fee like this give me a chance to talk about phase coherency..

Listening on my on board iPhone speaker, and I must say, everything seems to be sitting beautifully in mono. I don’t hear any resonant build up, or any weakness from phase cancelation. it’s hard for me to hear the bass, but I’m on my friggin’ iPhone.

From this perspective, I think you have done a wonderful job. The instruments are all balanced and present, and very realistic sounding. The soundscape is super transparent, and the delay you have set on his voice sounds great.

Excellent work (from my iPhone perspective)!
Hey, thanks for listening! plenty of people listen to tunes on their iphone speaker so it's a totally valid perspective.

I primarily used my monitors (JBL 305p mkii) for this mix but also referenced nice headphones (AKG K701), standard iphone earbuds, and my home theater setup. I thought it sounded great on all these sources and if anything, sounds a bit thick and warm but in a pleasant way. Then today I tried listening in my car and suddenly, the whole track, but particularly the snare seemed slightly anemic through that setup. If 4 out of my 5 sources sound good, how much should I worry about the one that's not great?
That’s a bit tricky. The only reason I say that is because the car is where you are used to listening to music often, so it should highlight issues that you may not notice. However, if it isn’t one of your primary sources of listening to music, play something that you know really well through all of the previous methods, then take it to toe car and see if you feel a similar loss in energy. If you do notice something being lost in pieces that you know, then the issue is more likely with your car. If there is no loss. . . Then you may want to figure out why.

I hope that helps!!



Make sure you comment on others’ mixes. That is generally the best way to get comments and feedback on your mixes. And take a look at this if you haven’t yet seen it!