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Francisco Perez: Psaces - Crownoise mix
Hey there! Really like this song, this is my mix, might be 2 bassy? anyhow here is my first version.

.mp3    Spaces.mp3 --  (Download: 7.71 MB)

Hi Crown
I love the Low end..Enjoyable listen. The contrast between the low end and the instruments is really nice maybe just a couple of cuts on the low freq. on the bass EQ where it rings a bit.. Cool mix!! Great Job

Gear:-Zoom R24 interface, controller - Cubase/Reaper - Assorted Waves, Airwindows suite, AKG K240 Cans, Event TR5 reference monitors.
Hey KMusic Big Grin Big Grin thanks so much, i really digged the vibe of this song, when guitars come in you get happy haha Big Grin yeah, i struggled alot with bass, its a hard trade-of with the bass in this song imo, it felt like it was driving so much, i tried to solve it while mastering but it was really hard :O...