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Fly high - Crownoise quickmix/master
Hi i liked this tune, made a quick mix and master, here is my version.

.mp3    Dubstep.mp3 --  (Download: 8.32 MB)

Sounds pretty good! I'd pay attention to the overall saturation/distortion. It' sometimes too audible, although it adds some nice qualities to the sound. The overall sound feels also a bit dark, and could use more highs? I liked the way you've treated the 'hero cadence' chords in the second drop. ^_^
Hey kapu! Yea i went bit bananas on master dist cuz i felt like, agh man dont want to spend more time on the individual inst because they lacked that tone, so yea if id spent more time maybe i'd done less of that and kept it more in your face instead of dark Smile thanks for feedback much appreciated!