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Triviul - Widow B. Hostyle Mix
Hey Guys,
This is my first mix submission to this forum. I enjoyed mixing this record. I basicially skipped the automation stage. Once I'm done with the automation stage I will up date this mix. Thanks for listening, I am opened for comments and suggestions.

Links to my sites:

.m4a    Triviul_Widow_B_Hostyle_Mix.m4a --  (Download: 3.42 MB)

Nice mix! My personal takes on it:

- Lead vocal is too thin, loud, and detailed.
- Low bass instrument could be louder, but the higher bass layer specifically should be turned up to add some note definition to the bassline.
- Could consider high-shelfing the layered vocal harmonies that are spread out across the stereo field. Their high frequencies clash when there are lots of them going, specifically in the second and third choruses.
- I really like how you processed the ad-lib track with what sounds like a low pass and maybe some distortion. Great idea, wish I thought of it.
- Shakers are a bit too loud in the choruses.
- Vocal panning is nicely done.
- Vocals overall are too harsh.

I enjoyed listening to what you did with this song. Thanks for posting. I'm looking forward to hearing it with some automation -- it definitely will benefit from some well-done volume automation.