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My mix of Fool
Nothing fancy. Worked on gain staging, light compression, top-down/backwards mixing.

Really just trying for a decent sounding mix.

On the drums I reversed the OH mics...I like the snare/hats to the right...seemed to work. Trick of parallel EQs on the bass using the splitter, boosted the root and the pluck, then mixed between the two. Tried to get a nice stereo mix on the drum kit. Two small notches on the low end of the Rhodes, slight boost on the highs. L Vox, HP filter just to clean a bit, shelf boost the high end just slightly. Panned the Rhodes to partially to the left, guitars partially to the right.
Updated, brought cymbals down, Fat Channel FET on the master bus. A bit better.
The cymbals are still very loud, as is the tambourine. You can use a high cut shelf set at -6 or -5dB around 10-12kHz on your drumbus. That outta save the snare and kick attacks around 4k and 8k but bring your cymbals and tambourine back into the mix.
Mid 2012 Mac Pro, Presonus FP10 Firewire audio interface, Logic Pro X, FabFilter Pro-C2, Pro-DS, Pro-L2, Pro-MB, Pro-R, Saturn, and Pro-Q3, Native Instruments Komplete 12, Slate Digital Virtual Analog Bundle, Waves 10 Gold, Rokit 6 G3 monitors, AKG K240 MKII cans.