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CEF Mallorca GSII 2017-18 Sessions: 'Viviendo Del Reves' kapu mix
Had some trouble with the drums. So busy. ^_^

.m4a    cef_mallorca_gsii_2017-18_sessions-__viviendo_del_reves_kapu_mix.m4a --  (Download: 7.39 MB)

.m4a    cef_mallorca_gsii_2017-18_sessions-__viviendo_del_reves__kapu_mix2.m4a --  (Download: 7.45 MB)

Added new mix. ^_^
I think the kick is a bit loud. Vocals could be louder since they are the focal point i think. Good start. Some of the elements are a little buried so i would work on general balance.
Nice solid Mix as usual definitely has your trademark sound !
I agree with axxessdenied with the kick being loud in the low frequencies maybe a db or 2 lower below 5o like 40 and 20hz as my walls are shaking with the sub on lol !

Well Done !

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OMG! Replay Gain pulled you down by a massive -10.4dB. Are you aware this mix is highly uncompetitive?

That would explain the missing excitement and energy which might have otherwise fooled me before the loudness deception was addressed. It might also explain the fatigue I was feeling, a consequence of the artifacts. And it might also explain the missing depth due to everything being of equal loudness, a bit like those who mix to pink noise or push compressors too hard.

Personally speaking, I found this a chaotic mix and stressful to listen to, though taking the strategy of mixing what we were given without question, makes it an arrangement issue. I can't help feeling some impartiality would have been beneficial like asking yourself what tracks help the song, and what gets in the way. Is this the job of the mixer? I guess it depends on whether one is a Team Player. Now that might well be a subjective process, but most people don't like chaos and repetition, with only a tiny minority (plus or minus 3 sigma) who can't get enough of either.

Try backing off the hammers, exercising some impartiality, letting it breathe and I think you will be on a good way, and not just with this mix.

If you want to get really trendy, you could look at the drums and try and substitute the robot for a human groove. It sounds too obviously synthetic otherwise.
(03-04-2018, 09:04 PM)axxessdenied Wrote: I think the kick is a bit loud. [...]

Kick noted. It's a static mix, so basically I just dialed in tones for the tracks, then looped the most dense parts of the song and set the levels, added some reverbs, smashed the whole thing and printed out. ^_^
(04-04-2018, 11:09 AM)thedon Wrote: Nice solid [...]

Thanks. Kick noted, as previously stated. ^_^
(05-04-2018, 09:34 AM)Monk Wrote: OMG! Replay Gain [...]

Thanks for taking a listen! Too bad it didn't work for you.

I basically conform the master level with the flow. YouTube uses RG +4.5 for music, so it would have taken the level down 6 dBs in the playback environment, which is pretty much a "standard" for contemporary music.

Sorry, if you felt the premaster level was deceiving, but that really is just trivial issue of setting the playback level. I personally benchmark the premaster at significantly louder listening level, and usually a more squashed premaster works for me better due to the lower peak-to-rms ratio. This also happens to be the case with clients/consumers who practically always want to audition the mix premastered, even if the actual final mastering is done separately by someone else.

I really didn't pay too much attention with arrangement and tried to mix it on 'as is' basis. The final edit would have of course been a decision for the producer to make, maybe in collaboration with the mixing engineer if necessary. I just dialed in channel tones and then adjusted the levels etc with the most dense parts of the song.

I happen to like chaotic things, repetition and all sorts of weird unhuman noises etc. Especially in the context of edm, trap and contemporary pop music in general, where everything is mostly done with mathematical precision, and then suddenly something completetly unpredictable happens. Although this is a more traditional band piece, I tried to mold it into something what I liked, but couldn't care less if every individual element is totally audible at any given point.

Still, point taken, and I'm constantly revising my workflows. But before we get those Al Schmitt engineered tracks from Paul McCartneys Kisses on the Bottom sessions at Capitol Records we're going to have to make the most of what we get. ^_^
Hey man. Very good mix and interesting hearing your take on it. Monk had a couple things that I agree with. Voice should be a lil more up front as its very important in Latin rock. And also the drums are a lil off style fornthis music.

It's a great mix.. Just those 2 things that would help put the song more towards its style. Having said that you said it your self, it's your take and I believe every mixer should have it's own style of mixing. Like Son said, it sounds like YOUR mix and that's a really important point regardless if it's different sound than the style intended.

Saludos! And keep it up.
(11-06-2018, 07:15 PM)Shul Wrote: Hey man. [...]

thanks for feedback. since mixing this i've upgraded my system, and with new setup in think the major fault with this mix is the build up in upper bass/lower mids. cutting 2-3 db with parametric eq from 200 Hz with broad q on master seems to improve sound. anyways, i might give it another try. ^_^