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How did you deal with out of tune vocals ??
Hey guys !

I'm gonna start mixing this cool song, but.... Gosh those backing vocals are super out of tune !!! How can they let this happen ???

So before I start mixing, I really want to fix those vocals. How did you do that ? Any tips ?
Recomended tools:

Celemony Melodyne
Waves Tune
Antares Autotune

Use a doubler pitch shift effect +6-6 cents and it helps for flat or sharp vocals. For out of tune vocals you may want to tune them first.
Comp out the out of tune notes and replace with more in tune parts assuming you have several tracks
Select best takes and use panned delays and low passing to recreate the effect of BGVocals.
Discard BGVs or chop them to have them do quick entries to the mix.

Good luck